Azienda Agricola Salvan
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The winery: if you feel like stopping for a while..

Beneath the Catajo Castle nestled at its feet, a tiny lane winds off the main road leading to a pretty countryside dwelling, surrounded by vines

Here the ancient stone buildings that form an internal courtyard shaped from the local granite bear witness to the Salvan’s family collaborative bond with their land.

This part of the parish takes its name Pigozzo, meaning woodpecker in the local dialect, from an old leggend; and the vineyard thus adopted the Pigozzo as its trade mark.

The surrounding soils are particulary apt in the production of red grapes: Merlot, Carmenere,Cabernet Franc e Cabernet Sauvignon; all of which result in frutty well balanced wines capable of warming the heart and lifting the spirit.

So if you feel like stopping for a while, long enough to rediscover the rhythm of the land and its accompanying seasons. Long enough to rediscover the hidden gift awaiting to be poured, a gift containing the blossom, the fruit and the vineyard’s heritage, then do come and visit us.

Giorgio Salvan will be your guide throughout the vineyard. Rosanna e Francesca will welcome you in the courtyard for a pleasurable wine tasting experience whilst admiring tha vats.